1 Samuel 20:16, 17

Mission & Vision​​

Investing in women spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Providing training, tools, and resources

to positively impact their lives, thus strengthening their families.

Impacting the world through the

strengthening  of the

family unit.

Maritza George RN, MBA

God has truly covered me throughout my life as it at times has presented with less than acceptable, sometimes devastating circumstances to push through and rise above.  I was determined, to not remain what society had already labeled and decided was my son and my fate. I was determined to not live a life as a victim. My passion is to assist other women with becoming empowered to do the same.


With a whole bunch of tugging and patience from God, I founded Maritza George Ministries, Inc. We are a faith based ministry that believes that by becoming "A Sister's Keeper", by investing in women and providing them with the support they need spiritually, mentally, and emotionally and by providing them with the tools and resources they need, they too will have the ability to push through their circumstances and become all that God has them to BE! 

I am MY Sisters Keeper!!!

Founder & President  


Our volunteers are a very important part of our team! If you would like to make

a difference in the lives of women and their families please contact us to

find out how!!!


We're continually working hard to improve women from all backgrounds,

but the ministry has a special place

in it's heart for women labeled by

society as "statistics". The ministry accepts donations on an ongoing basis

and hosts several fundraising activities

on an ongoing basis. Please consider helping to make a difference by

making a donation or by supporting

our fundraising activities.