Roberta Sweet-Brown mother of six  children. Fought through a past of childhood trauma and domestic violence. She did not allow her past or educational level to stop her from starting and growing a business from nothing to a highly successful business.  Roberta spent over 20 years successfully running a home daycare that became a second homes to many children over the span of many, many years.

As if her successful business was not enough,

taking yet another leap of Faith (one of many she has made in her life), she did not allow her current success to hinder her from going after even more for her children and herself. At a time when others would have remained stationary and allowed fear to hinder progress, she relocated to a new state! Talk about Faith! This required her to have to rebuild her six figure business from ground up for a second time! 

This WOMAN OF GOD, has a system that works and she will be sharing it, as well as some of her life testimonies, educate, empower, and equip women with what they need to take the steps necessary to start their own businesses and begin leaving a legacy for their children's, children', children! She wants women to know that if she can do it, that they can do it! That with God, hard work, and a no quit way of living YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!!!

Erica Anderson Thomas

Erica Anderson Thomas is a mother, author, and entrepreneur. As the Founder and CEO of Inner Beauty Reigns, she is passionate about helping women who are in transition to rebuild from the inside out. Through empowerment coaching, Erica is dedicated to showing women how to use their time of transition as a stepping stone to becoming the best version of themselves. 

Dr. Debra Randolph born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, has been committed to loving and leading others the Christ for many, many years. Dr. Debbie is the mother of six children. She has served in ministry for both children and adults.


Tiffany Nicole Ross

Tiffany Nicole Ross is the one and only daughter of Pastors Wilson and Vivian Ross. Born in Alabama, she was raised in North Chicago, Illinois where she attended North Chicago Community High School. Upon graduation, Tiffany enrolled in Greenville College of Illinois where she completed her undergraduate studies obtaining a double major that earned her a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science in Youth Ministry, in May of 2008.
          Impressed by the fashion industry, Tiffany started her own business "Diva Elegance Accessories" at the early age of 24 years old. An entrepreneur in her own right, she understood that women like to look good and feel good about themselves. As CEO and Executive Director of Diva Elegance, she sold and distributed custom-made jewelry and handbags in the Chicago Land area. Tiffany has a unique and inspiring testimony.

Through a series of dead-end relationships, the results of detrimental dating, she was compelled to share with others how she overcame some of her obstacles and how she is presently sustaining as a single mother. Tiffany is always looking for ways to connect with other women. She wants to share things with women and men that God has imparted into her heart, but in her own way and not the traditional church way. 
Tiffany’s motto is “I want young ladies and women to know that we all have a story, and we all have a past, a present and a future. What we have done in the past can affect the present but what we do in the present can change our future!” Her goal is to give girls and women the confidence and momentum to thrive in any situation that they may find themselves in as well as to help reshape their focus while motivating and offering encouragement along the way.  Along with empowering women, Tiffany is also a youth advocate. Her philosophy is that the youth can thrive, and it takes the help of mentors, speakers, pastors, parents, and the community to help shape youth into resilient adults.
Tiffany has served as a volunteer for an up and coming radio station WXNV 99.1 Vision Radio in Atlanta, Georgia. She was recently featured in Life in the Overflow Magazine. Tiffany was also a speaker at the Annual Daughters of the King Conference and a proud supporter of Lady Jewels, INC just to name a few. Tiffany has been featured on several blog talk radio segments as well as magazine interviews and featured articles including a stellar awards article with singer “Leandria” featured on the cover. Tiffany’s multi-talented gifts include life coach, motivational speaker, fashion consultant, stage play actress, singer, and songwriter. Tiffany is available for speaking engagements around the world. 


SURVIVOR! "I Am... NOT YOUR ...Victim" Women's Conference 2018


Join Women As They Take On Their Personal Self-Love & Healing Journeys, As They Commit To Themselves To No Longer Be Defined By The Actions Of Others. As They Reject The Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, & Physical Manifestations That Often Unfold Within The Lives Of Those Affected By Some Form Of Abuse And Or Trauma. This Day Will Move In A Defined Direction With The Intention Of Equipping Women With The Knowledge & Know How To Own Their Lives Moving Forward FREE Of A Victim Mentality And Lifestyle That So Many Of Us If Not Constantly Aware… LIVE WITHIN AND EXPRESS WITHIN OUR LIVES ON A DAILY BASIS.



ALL Attendees MUST Wear Shades of Purple Only Or ALL Black!

ALL Attendees May Wear SURVIVOR Conference T-shirts with Black and or Purple To Substitute All Purple Shades – These Can Be Purchased In Advance

NO Prints/Patterns Solid Purples Only or ALL Black Only!

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*Forgiveness, Healing, & Release Ceremony

SURVIVOR General Admission SPONSOR/DONATION Packages:

Includes Admission Into SURVIVOR… I am Not Your…Victim Women’s Conference
*Swag Bag Filled With Surprises  & Goodies
*Empowerment Sessions
*Forgiveness, Healing, & Release Ceremony

Vendor Opportunities Available:

Maximum Of One Paparazzi Vendor Allowed On A First Come Basis (this has been filled)

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*Empowerment Sessions
*Forgiveness, Healing, & Release Ceremony

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